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New director for Rijksmuseum, and suspect detained in Marocco for decapitation

Big news for the popular Rijksmuseum. After eight years, director Wim Pijbes is to be succeeded by Taco Dibbets.
In a reaction, Dibbets said to be delighted to work for the museum as its one of the most beautiful museums in the world. 

 Omar O. has been detained in Morocco for two months for the murder of Nabiel Amzib, who was brutally murdered in March. His body was found severed from his head. Remarkably, Omar O. isn't considered a suspect by the Dutch authorities:'We don't have any evidence that this gentleman is involved.'

Should cultivating cannabis be legalised to prevent crime? Research shows that legalisation reduces the risk of crimes such as murder and assault. Amsterdam politicians see sufficient reason for a debate with the mayor.